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Thank you for your interest in work experience at Dowty, open to students aged 16+.
Applications close on 29th March.

Manufacturing Engineering

This gives applicants the ability to witness the in-depth, detailed sections of the manufacturing process. This includes insights of the building and testing of units whilst receiving awareness and understanding of how production works. This provides an exciting opportunity for those interested in manufacturing and aviation, it also provides you with an opportunity to view what the operators do in both production and repair & overhaul workshops. You’ll gain knowledge in composite and metallic manufacturing.

Design Engineering

Design Engineers take our customer requests and turn it into a workable solution. Designers will assess requirements such as noise, vibration, and stress to design a propeller capable of achieving our customers’ requirements. This will give you an idea of how the Supply Chain is formed and how we put ideas into designs, and designs into manufacturing products.

Materials and Process Engineering

The Dowty M&P team is split into two departments, Laboratory, and the Development area. As a collective our main role is to support and continue to drive improvements in the manufacture, quality, and output of composite propeller blades. The M&P team look at new processing technologies and new materials, one of our critical functions is supporting current production by frequently testing a variety of materials including composite materials, oils, paints, and rigid foams. Additionally, we are accountable for the approval of chemicals and other materials on site and for ensuring that health and safety legislation is adhered to.


This program gives applicants an insight into Supply Chain and production in our fast-paced business. During your week with us you will be moving around various Supply Chain departments including Sourcing, Lean, Materials and Operations. You will be in contact with the course coordinators and will have the opportunity to meet various employees from all levels of the organization. The program also enables you to guide and improve your professional soft skills with career sessions and workshops being embedded into the week.

Environment, Health and Safety

As Environment, Health and Safety we identify and support our teams to manage hazards to prevent work-related injury and long-term illness. We also look at our environmental impact by minimizing waste, dealing with any waste appropriately and complying with environmental government regulations.

Field Service Representatives

Field Service Representatives conduct repairs at the customers locations, all over the globe. FSR’s are skilled in a variety of tasks that enable them to work anywhere, whenever our customers require our assistance. They could be at a remote airstrip doing a small repair, to a full propeller build in the customers hangar. FSR’s travel with all the tooling they need to carry out the work onsite.

Human Resources

The HR department is in charge of overseeing development of employees and  all aspects of the hiring process, including new employee orientation and training. They also help with payroll and all aspects of the employee lifecycle throughout their time at the company.

Supply Chain Work Experience Application Form

Application closing on 29th March

Unfortunately, we only have limited spaces available, if you are unsuccessful in your application, we strongly suggest you apply again next year.