This is the latest in a series of articles focusing on the diverse range of customers that rely on Dowty Propellers’ services for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of their aircraft fleets. It is based on a discussion with Jamie Hayes, General Manager – Major Maintenance Contracts for Canadian regional operator Jazz Aviation LP.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaDowty Propellers-equipped aircraft
Jazz has one of the largest regional airline fleets of Bombardier Q400s, powered by Dowty Propellers’ R408 propeller system.

Working with Dowty Propellers
Starting with a long-term flight hour rate (FHR) agreement signed in 2012 for the 21 Q400s operated by Jazz at that time, the coverage was extended through 2025 for the airline’s expanded fleet of 44 aircraft.

Nova Scotia-based Jazz is Canada’s largest regional carrier, offering more flights to more in-country destinations than any other airline – and operating one of the largest fleets of Bombardier Q400 turboprop regional airliners. Dowty Propellers has helped Jazz maintain the pace of flying since 2012 and contributes to its operational efficiency through a comprehensive asset management and repair programme for their Q400s’ R408 propeller systems.

Jazz’s primary role is as a regional connector for Air Canada operating within Canada and into the U.S. under a capacity purchase agreement using the Air Canada Express brand. Under the Jazz brand, the airline also offers charters throughout North America for corporate clients, governments, special interest groups and individuals.

Dowty Propellers supports the R408 propeller systems that equip Jazz’s fleet of 44 Q400 aircraft under terms of a long-term flight hour rate (FHR) agreement. Initially signed in 2012 for Jazz’s first 21 Q400 deliveries, the agreement was subsequently extended to cover the entire Jazz fleet for an additional five years through 2025. The PBH agreement coverage includes spares and repairs for composite propeller blades, hubs, spinners as well as dual-pulse probes, ensuring replacements are readily available for both scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

As part of the asset management programme, Dowty Propellers positions hardware at Jazz locations in Toronto and Vancouver – maintaining a consistent stock on both the Canadian east and west coasts. The services are coordinated through Dowty Propellers Americas – the company’s repair and overhaul centre in Sterling, Virginia.

Jazz is very satisfied with its current agreement and the level of support provided by Dowty Propellers, according to Jamie Hayes, Jazz’s General Manager of Major Maintenance Contracts. He added: “Among the benefits are access to Dowty Propellers’ expertise as the propeller system OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and its OEM shop, as well as the company’s field service representatives who – in addition to their regular field support – may also back us on other initiatives, including special campaigns, inspections and training.”

As an example of its comprehensive support, Dowty Propellers has played a key role in Jazz’s programme to increase maintenance service intervals for the airline’s Q400 aircraft from 10,000 hours to the 12,000-hour interval. “We’re essentially halfway there, and expect to reach the full 12,000 this year,” added Hayes. “This is an element we expect will help improve our operating costs by increasing the yield between overhauls.”

Jazz, on the other hand, has assisted Dowty Propellers in developing product improvements as well as new solutions – including a crosshead shaft and harnesses – while serving as a host for controlled service introduction (CSI) flight validations using the airline’s Q400s.

Effective communication is the key to a positive relationship, and the ongoing partnership between Jazz and Dowty Propellers is no different. “Our contacts with Dowty Propellers are excellent – the company is very responsive to any inquiries we have, including expediting what we may need for material requirements and more.” Hayes added. “Our aircraft are supported across the country and it’s done effectively and efficiently. We are pleased to be able to count on this support from Dowty.”