Gloucester, United Kingdom – China’s AVIC Aircraft Xi’An Aircraft Company (XAC) and Dowty Propellers have signed a letter of intent to provide propeller systems for the new MA700 aircraft.

AVIC Aircraft Xi’An Aircraft Company Director and General Manager Wang Chengkuan, and Oliver Towers, President of Dowty Propellers, signed the LOI for the MA700 aircraft’s propeller system at the 2014 Farnborough Air Show. Also in attendance were AVIC Aircraft Director and General Manager Chen Fusheng and Brad Mottier and Xiang Weiming, Dowty Propellers’ shareholder representatives.

The propeller to be provided by Dowty Propellers builds on more than 75 years of experience in propeller design, manufacture and support, and incorporates new blade aerodynamic designs, along with a highly-reliable and proven propeller system. The propeller will allow the aircraft to deliver optimal levels of endurance and fuel efficiency, while achieving a low-noise environment for the cabin, and competitive life-cycle costs.

As an all-new generation of turboprop aircraft, the MA700’s range of 800 km. positions it in the medium capacity sector of regional air transport, with the capability of operating in high altitude, high temperature locations.

About AVIC

Chinese Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) is a large, state-owned enterprise covering aviation equipment, transport, engines, helicopters, airborne equipment and systems for multiple industrial sectors. It has over 200 member units, more than 20 listed corporations and approximately 400,000 employees. In July 2009, AVIC was featured in “Fortune” magazine amongst the world’s top 500 enterprises, thereby becoming the first Chinese aviation manufacturing and military enterprise to do so. By 2014, on its sixth appearance in the survey, its ranking had jumped to 178th place.

About Dowty Propellers

As a leader in the development, manufacture and support of electronically controlled, all-composite propeller systems, Dowty Propellers provides solutions for the propulsion needs of today and tomorrow. Its products are used in applications that range from commercial airliners and military airlifters to multi-role seaplanes and marine hovercraft.

With a proven record of product development, introduction and support, Dowty Propellers continually invests in technologies, production capabilities and human resources – resulting in propeller systems that are safe, efficient and reliable. Its history of firsts-to-market includes the all-composite propeller blade and full-authority digital propeller control. More than 23,000 advanced composite blades have been delivered to date by Dowty Propellers, with the lead blade logging over 45,000 hours of flight time.